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Auditions will be held Sunday, October 8 and Monday, October 9 at the Charles River School (6 Old Meadow Road in Dover, MA). Auditions are open to all kids in second grade and up. Each auditionee will be assigned a 5-minute audition slot.

**Audition sign-ups are now closed**


Open Fields is proud to present...GREASE! Auditions will be open to kids in second grade and older. Please read the note below regarding the content of the show before signing up for an audition slot. 

Special Note
We are opening auditions to kids in second grade to seniors in high school. With this said we are encouraging families, especially with younger children, to carefully consider the content of Grease before signing up and make the best decision for what you're comfortable with. Just as in the movie, the story deals with teenage relationships, alludes to a pregnancy scare, and includes references/lyrics/lines that may, at times, feel outdated from the 1950s or mature for young children, including characters who are drinking and smoking. The original Open Fields Grease included kids in second grade and older, so we are familiar with navigating this incredibly fun show with its occasionally mature themes, creating a safe and enjoyable experience for our younger Open Fields family. 

Auditionees are asked to prepare 30 seconds to 1 minute of a memorized musical theatre song (performed a capella - without music!). Songs similar to the Grease music from the 1950's also work! See below for tips for auditioning and picking a song!

Show dates will be January 20, 21, 26, 27, 2024 at Dover Sherborn's Mudge Auditorium with tech week Saturday, January 13 through Friday, January 19. January 13, 14, and 15 (MLK Jr. Weekend) will have afternoon rehearsals while January 16-19 will be evening rehearsals. Please ensure these mandatory dates and times are kept available! 


The rehearsal schedule is Sundays 3:00-7:00 PM, Mondays 5:30-8:00 PM, and Thursdays 6:30-8:30 PM at the Charles River School in Dover. Some conflicts can be worked around and all conflicts must be announced on the audition form. A big part of the Open Fields experience is a commitment to and respect for our fellow castmates, directors, and the process and we hope families will help us by making rehearsals a priority once our schedule begins. 


Scroll down for a rehearsal calendar overview. Weekly emails will be sent with details about who is needed and when each week. We ask that you keep our rehearsal days/times available to avoid conflicts - use the free time for homework catch-up or a good night's sleep if you're not called that night! 

Reach out to with any questions about auditions or the rehearsal process. Join our mailing list to learn more! 

Audition Tips! 

First and foremost - we love kids and we want to help them grow, stretch, explore and find a second home within our four walls. Open Fields was founded in 1999 by the Greenfield family with local families and artists who wanted to provide an opportunity for kids of multiple ages and towns to share the stage together. Since then we've produced over 40 musicals, music revues, galas, workshops, and concerts. What happens on stage is just the icing on the cake. It's the time together during our months of rehearsals that we see the magic happen - a community of kids who love being together.


 We know auditions can be nerve-wracking and we do everything we can to make them as comfortable and easy-going as possible! We hope and plan to give everyone who auditions a spot in our cast! On the rare occasion, we feel a child isn't quite ready for our rehearsal/show process, we'll have an open conversation with the family to help reach a mutual decision. Otherwise, we want as many kids as possible to have this opportunity! So assure your child that we are rooting for them and auditions are to get a flavor of who they are and how can we help bring out the best from them in our show. 

So a few tips... 

1. Memorize the song! We love to see kids who show us they are prepared by coming in fully memorized with the lyrics and acting. While we know nerves can get the best of any of us, we're there to help if you forget for a moment. We want to see your face and the acting choices you're making so leave the lyric sheet at home. 

2. Pick a song that you're really comfortable with! While we love to see kids take chances, auditions are a great time to show us what you've worked on. Rather than trying to learn a song in a few days, give yourself a couple of weeks to practice OR tune up something you know. 

3. Choose 30 seconds to 1 minute of a song that shows off some vocal range and acting range. Pop songs that repeat the same lyrics/notes over and over and/or don't tell a story don't give us a chance to see your acting and we may ask to see another choice in the room. Musical theatre songs and music artists who use their songs to tell stories are great choices. Song will be performed a capella (without accompaniment) at auditions. 

Rehearsal Calendar

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